Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It has been too long....

Not much has happened in the last year except one big huge major thing....


I am currently 20 weeks with Baby boy James.It was quite a surprise, but we could not be any happier about our new little adventure!

How we announced our news on Facebook

 My first ultrasound @ 7 weeks

This is around 8 weeks, before I has any baby belly....it's all just food belly :)

This was my Halloween "costume"

Ultrasound @ 11 weeks, he is head down in all these; little toot refused to be right side up

Ultrasound @ 16 weeks
This is the ultrasound where we found out it's a BOY!!

Belly @ 19 weeks

We had another appointment today and the Doctor said everything looks great, he is growing on par for my June 5th due date. I will have the ultrasound pictures from that appointment up soon.

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