Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

Jacob and I had so much fun with our families over Christmas. We had lots of good food, played games, and had a chance to relax. We enjoyed our time in Lubbock until Saturday night (Christmas day) when we both started to feel really yucky and it turns out we had caught the stomach bug that was going around. Yager had it and I guess it was passed around the James family. IT.WAS.HORRIBLE. Thankfully even though we were staying at my parents no one in my family got it. Ya, they all claimed to have a tummy ache Sunday morning but I think they were faking to try and get sympathy :) I didnt take very many (hardly any) pictures but here are the few I did take. I hope everyone had a fun a blessed holiday season!

Kate & Crew in the AWESOME mini bounce house he got for his birthday

Jacob and I (unintentionally) set up our air mattress right beside the window to the fort, Kate and Crew thought it was the most amazing thing ever to jump out the window onto our bed.

Yager on his motorcycle, shooting his gun. He is such a tough guy!

Aunt Shannel & Yager

Like I said not many pictures but if there is actually someone out there who reads this that isn't family, you can check out my sisters blog for more pictures .

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